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Czechia, a.k.a. the Czech Republic, is a country in Central Europe, bordering Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. It is also known as Czechia. In its current borders the country came into being after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Unlike many other break-ups, this split was peaceful and is often referred to as “the Velvet Divorce”.

Most tourists associate Czechia with its capital city Prague. It is an amazingly beautiful city and boasts many cultural attractions. The historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1992. If you enjoy photographing beautiful cityscapes and architectural landmarks, Prague won’t disappoint you.

As fascinating as Prague is, Czechia has much more to offer. There are many picturesque small and medium-sized towns with well-preserved old architecture. If you have enough time and visit such places as Olomouc, Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora or Telč you should return home with many memorable pictures.

Quick Facts
Capital City
Central Europe
Native Name
Česko / Česká republika
approx. 10,554,000
78,866 km2 / 30,450 sq mi
Czech koruna (CZK)
Time Zone
CET (UTC+1) / summer: CEST (UTC+2)
Main Language(s)
Main Airports
Prague (PRG), Brno (BRQ), Ostrava (OSR)

Have a look at some of my photos taken in Czechia:

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower (Malostranská mostecká věž), Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) at Sunrise, Prague, the Czech Republic

Charles Bridge at Dawn, Prague, the Czech Republic

The Czech capital Prague is one of my favourite cities in the world and Charles Bridge is of my favourite places there. Usually it is very crowded, tourists from all over the world flock there. […]

Prague, the Czech Republic - Detail of the Prague Astronomical Clock a.k.a. Orloj

Detail of the Prague Astronomical Clock a.k.a. Orloj, Czech Republic

Orloj (pronounced “orloy”) is the Czech name of the Prague Astronomical Clock. It was installed in the 15th century on the southern wall of the city hall in the Old Town Square in the Czech capital Prague. It is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world and the oldest one still in operation. Its Czech name is derived from the Latin word for clock – horologium.

The Czech Capital Prague is often called "the Golden City".

The Golden City

To me, Prague is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Maybe even the most fascinating and the most picturesque. The Czech capital has several nicknames and one of them is “the Golden City”. I researched the origin of this nickname and found several explanations.