Panorama of the city Dresden in Germany featuring the Frauenkirche, Residenzschloss and Semperoper

Dresden Skyline at Sunrise, Germany

Which major German cities have the most picturesque skylines? In the category of modern skylines I’d say Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. In the category of historic skylines my favourites are Cologne and Dresden. This is Dresden’s skyline with the Frauenkirche, Residenzschloss, Semperoper and the river Elbe.

Dresden, Germany - City Skyline and the River Elbe at Sunset

Dresden Skyline and the River Elbe at Sunset, Germany

Dresden is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony, which is one of the sixteen federal states of Germany. It is located in a valley on the river Elbe, which you see in this picture. Dresden’s city center was destroyed in World War II, but many landmarks were later reconstructed.