Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin) - A small island off the coast of Ireland, near Howth

Ireland's Eye in Black and White

This is another photo from the beautiful suburb of Dublin in Ireland. I took from the Howth Harbour and it shows the picturesque island called Ireland’s Eye, or Inis Mac Neasáin in Irish. The structure that you see in the center of the frame is called a Martello tower […]

Baily Lighthouse, Howth, Ireland.

The Baily Lighthouse and Dublin Bay

Lighthouses are a great subject for photography. This is another image of the Baily Lighthouse in Howth near Dublin, Ireland. The first lighthouse there was built in the 17th century. It was located high on the cliff and the problem was that the light was not always seen in fog. In 1814 a new lighthouse was completed. The top of the new tower was only 41 meters (134 ft) above sea level. […]

Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin)

Ireland's Eye - Inis Mac Neasáin

Ireland’s Eye, known in Irish as Inis Mac Neasáin, is a small island off the coast of County Dublin, near Howth. The Emerald Isle is the poetic nickname of Ireland, because of the beautiful countryside where green is the dominant colour. I spent only a few days in Dublin and didn’t see much of the Irish countryside. I suppose it is the main island, known simply as Ireland, that is called the Emerald Isle. […]

The Dublin Bay and the Baily Lighthouse, Ireland. View from Howth near Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin Bay and the Baily Lighthouse as Seen from Howth, Ireland

Howth, known in Irish as Binn Éadair, is a picturesque and very cozy small town on the outskirts of Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath). There are two lighthouses in Howth. […]

Dublin Skyline with the Samuel Beckett Bridge and the River Liffey, Ireland

Dublin Skyline with the Samuel Beckett Bridge and the River Liffey, Ireland

Dublin, called in Irish Baile Átha Cliath, is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and by far its largest city. What I liked most about its cityscape were the picturesque bridges over the river Liffey. The one that you see in the picture on the left is the Samuel Beckett Bridge, in Irish: Droichead Samuel Beckett.