Typical Valletta Houses, Malta

Wideangle View of Typical Valletta Houses with Balconies

Personally, I find these wooden Maltese balconies really cool. Truly Maltese style. They are ubiquitous in Valletta and many other places in Malta. Since they are closed, I wasn’t even sure at first, if ‘balconies’ was the correct word. But they are indeed balconies. They are not verandas, because verandas must be open. […]

Valletta Skyline at Sunrise, Malta

Valletta Skyline at Sunrise, as Seen from Sliema

This is another photo of the Valletta skyline at dawn. It is one of my favourite skylines around the world and I don’t quite know why. […]

The skyline of the Maltese capital Valletta at sunrise

The Skyline of Valletta at the Break of Dawn

When I was a little kid I saw a postcard from Malta. Back then I was a small boy living behind the iron curtain and this postcard kind of fascinated me, as I was pretty good in geography but I didn’t know much about the mysterious place named Malta. Where exactly is this place? I had to look it up in an encyclopedia.