Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin)
15 Mar 2017 Howth #02

Ireland's Eye - Inis Mac Neasáin

Ireland’s Eye, known in Irish as Inis Mac Neasáin, is a small island off the coast of County Dublin, near Howth. The Emerald Isle is the poetic nickname of Ireland, because of the beautiful countryside where green is the dominant colour. I spent only a few days in Dublin and didn’t see much of the Irish countryside. I suppose it is the main island, known simply as Ireland, that is called the Emerald Isle. […]

Panorama of Frankfurt am Main at Sunset
05 Mar 2017 Frankfurt #05

Panorama of Frankfurt am Main at Sunset

For some reason, major German cities seem to avoid skyscrapers. Yes, there some skyscrapers/highrises in Cologne, Munich or Berlin, but there are no real skyscraper clusters as in many North American or East Asian cities of similar size. Frankfurt is an exception to that rule. This city is often called “the financial capital of Germany” and there are quite a few skyscrapers in the downtown. […]

Ålesund, Norway - Moonrise over Mountains near Borgundfjorden
01 Mar 2017 Ålesund #04

Moonrise over Mountains near Borgundfjorden, as Seen from Mt. Aksla in Norway

I was standing on Mt. Aksla in Ålesund, photographing a spectacular sunset over the town and the Norwegian Sea. And then, at one moment, I decided to look around and when turned to the southeast, I saw this beautiful moonrise above the mountains near Borgundfjorden. […]

Installing WordPress

Building Your Own Website Is Not Rocket Science

So, you’re contemplating having your own website. Your photographs are pretty good and you feel they deserve more than just displaying them on photo-sharing sites and Facebook. You think it would be great to show your masterpieces to the world in an elegant manner and have full control over the presentation. You have seen very beautiful websites belonging to other photographers and feel somewhat jealous. However, you have never built a website using a content management system and you are a little afraid that it might be too difficult to do it on your own. […]

Yokohama, Japan - City Skyline at Sunset
25 Feb 2017 Yokohama #01

Yokohama Skyline at Sunset, Japan

The Yokahama Landmark Tower is the tallest building in that city and one of the tallest structures in Japan. As a matter of fact, with its 296 m, or 972 ft, it is tall enough that I could see it on the horizon through the window of my hotel room in Minato Ward in Tokyo, which was some 26 km (16 miles) away. The tower is located in Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama. Minato (港) means “port” in Japanese, so the fact that the ward in Tokyo shares the name with a district in Yokohama, is a coincidence. […]