Aerial view of Lake Bled in Slovenia

Elevated View of Lake Bled in Slovenia

When is a good time to visit the stunning Lake Bled in Slovenia? I think any time is good to go to Bled, but autumn is a fantastic season for landscape photography. And landscape photography is the genre of photography that will keep you occupied when you visit this beautiful Slovenian destination.

I arrived there at the beginning of October and the weather was great. Not cold and not too warm. Perfect for long walks and climbing. There was some colourful foliage on the trees, but I have a feeling that arriving a few days or a week later would have been better. Based on what I saw there in the first week of October, my estimate is that the peak foliage time in Bled is around mid-October. If I am wrong, please send me a message and correct me.

ISO Speed
Focal Length
25 mm
Exposure Time
1/200 s
Aspect Ratio
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DATE POSTED: March 26, 2017