Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom

Tower Bridge in Black and White, London, United Kingdom

This photo was taken from the area near St. Katharine’s Pier in London. It shows three great London landmarks.

The oldest of them is of course the famous Tower Bridge, opened in 1894. It doesn’t owe its name to the two towers, even though it is one of very few bridges on the Thames that does feature towers. It is called Tower Bridge because it is close to the Tower of London, which perhaps is even more famous and certainly many centuries older than Tower Bridge itself. Tower Bridge is so iconic that if you’re a photographer coming to London, it will be difficult to resist the temptation to capture it. Yes, it has been photographed a bazillion times, but in cases like this, I always say to myself: “So, what? Not by me!”.

Another great London landmark visible (although not so prominent) in this photo on the right is the statue entitled “”Girl With A Dolphin”. The author of this statue is the renowned British sculptor David Wynne. The statue, or fountain, if you will, was completed in 1973. David Wynne is also the father of brothers Ed Wynne and Roly Wynne from the very prolific space rock band Ozric Tentacles. Sadly, Mr David Wynne passed away in 2014.

And finally, behind Tower Bridge, you can recognize one of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe: the Shard. It was completed in 2012 and is 309.7 meters (1,016 ft) tall. It does indeed look kind of like a shard of glass, so I’d say that the name was aptly chosen. The architectural style of the Shard is described as “neo-futurism”.

This place is usually full of people, so you might ask if I got rid of them in post-processing. No. Getting up very early (before dawn) was the solution!

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DATE POSTED: April 10, 2017
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