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The skyline of the Maltese capital Valletta at sunrise

The Skyline of Valletta at the Break of Dawn

When I was a little kid I saw a postcard from Malta. Back then I was a small boy living behind the iron curtain and this postcard kind of fascinated me, as I was pretty good in geography but I didn’t know much about the mysterious place named Malta. Where exactly is this place? I had to look it up in an encyclopedia. It was one of those multi-picture postcards. After all these years, I remember it as if it was the day before yesterday, one picture showed those peculiar Maltese balconies, another one a street in Valletta and yet another this absolutely cool skyline of Valletta.

Fast forward some 30 years, and I find myself standing with a high-end camera mounted on a tripod in Sliema, Malta photographing this beautiful skyline of Valletta at the break of dawn. Isn’t life strange?

ISO Speed
Focal Length
105 mm
Exposure Time
1/15 s
Aspect Ratio
Photo Category
DATE POSTED: November 25, 2016
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