Typical Valletta Houses, Malta
17 Mar 2017 Malta #04

Wideangle View of Typical Valletta Houses with Balconies

Personally, I find these wooden Maltese balconies really cool. Truly Maltese style. They are ubiquitous in Valletta and many other places in Malta. Since they are closed, I wasn’t even sure at first, if ‘balconies’ was the correct word. But they are indeed balconies. They are not verandas, because verandas must be open. […]

Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin)
15 Mar 2017 Howth #02

Ireland's Eye - Inis Mac Neasáin

Ireland’s Eye, known in Irish as Inis Mac Neasáin, is a small island off the coast of County Dublin, near Howth. The Emerald Isle is the poetic nickname of Ireland, because of the beautiful countryside where green is the dominant colour. I spent only a few days in Dublin and didn’t see much of the Irish countryside. I suppose it is the main island, known simply as Ireland, that is called the Emerald Isle. […]

Ålesund, Norway - Spectacular Sunset Colors and Cloud Formations over Valderhaugfjorden
14 Feb 2017 Ålesund #03

Spectacular Sunset Colors over Valderhaugfjorden, Ålesund, Norway

The Norwegian town Ålesund is an extremely beautiful place, but it is not famous for good weather. As a matter of fact, most days there are rainy or cloudy. Unlike in some other parts of the world, there is no dry season and no wet season. Or perhaps the whole year is a “wet season”. Nevertheless, sunny days do happen in Ålesund and if you follow the weather forecast and book the flight for the right day, you have a chance to see there spectacular sunsets. […]

The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy with Light Trails of a Vaporetto Vessel
12 Feb 2017 Venice #02

The Grand Canal in Venice with Light Trails of a Vaporetto Vessel, Italy

Light trails are a great subject for photography. Sometimes photographing them is easy – when you can easily predict the movement, as e.g. in the case of cars speeding on a highway. But sometimes photographing light trails can be tricky – when you have to anticipate the movement and you don’t know exactly what will appear in your frame within the exposure time of 30 seconds or more. Sometimes you just need a little bit of luck. […]

Stockholm, Sweden - Skyline of Södermalm District at the Blue Hour
07 Feb 2017 Stockholm #02

The Skyline of Södermalm District at the Blue Hour

The Swedish capital Stokholm is extremely picturesque and there are many fantastic vantage points in this city. This photo was taken from the Central Bridge (Centralbron in Swedish) and shows the skyline of Södermalm. At first, I thought that the building on top of the hill was some a small castle or a palace.