Panorama of the Hungarian capital Budapest with the Danube, Chain Bridge and the Parliament Building
23 Feb 2017 Budapest #02

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest at Twilight

The Hungarian capital Budapest used to be two separate cities lying on the the opposite banks of the Danube: Buda and Pest. They were merged in 1873 and the new entity was aptly named “Budapest”. Before the merger of Buda and Pest into one city, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge connected them. It was completed in 1849 and it was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary. […]

Light Trails of the Evening Traffic in Front of Gwanghwamun. Gwanghwamun (Korean: 광화문) is the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁), in downtown Seoul.
13 Jan 2017 Seoul #03

Evening Traffic in Front of Gwanghwamun in Seoul, South Korea

Gwanghwamun (Korean: 광화문) is the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁), in downtown Seoul. The gate has a long history and has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The first version was constructed in 1395, in its present form it was opened to the public in 2010. […]

Nyhavn at Sunrise, Copenhagen, Denmark
09 Jan 2017 Copenhagen #02

Nyhavn at Sunrise, Copenhagen, Denmark

Some time ago I posted a photo from Stockholm, which is the most populous city in the Nordic countries. This photo is from the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is only slightly smaller than Stockholm and is ranked second among the biggest Scandinavian cities. […]

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower (Malostranská mostecká věž), Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) at Sunrise, Prague, the Czech Republic
08 Jan 2017 Prague #06

Charles Bridge at Dawn, Prague, the Czech Republic

The Czech capital Prague is one of my favourite cities in the world and Charles Bridge is of my favourite places there. Usually it is very crowded, tourists from all over the world flock there. […]

Elevated View of Tokyo with Skyscrapers in Shinjuku Ward, Japan
25 Dec 2016 Tokyo #17

Shinjuku Skyscrapers in Black and White, Tokyo, Japan

This photo has been taken from the rooftop of a skyscraper in Minato ward in central Tokyo. The characteristic, pencil-shaped skyscraper is NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building. It is not located in Shinjuku but in Shibuya. The skyscraper with two towers on the left is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. […]