Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin) - A small island off the coast of Ireland, near Howth
30 May 2017 Howth #04

Ireland's Eye in Black and White

This is another photo from the beautiful suburb of Dublin in Ireland. I took from the Howth Harbour and it shows the picturesque island called Ireland’s Eye, or Inis Mac Neasáin in Irish. The structure that you see in the center of the frame is called a Martello tower […]

Aerial view of Lake Bled in Slovenia
26 Mar 2017 Bled #04

Elevated View of Lake Bled in Slovenia

When is a good time to visit the stunning Lake Bled in Slovenia? I think any time is good to go to Bled, but autumn is a fantastic season especially for landscape photography. And landscape photography is the genre of photography that will keep you occupied when you visit this beautiful Slovenian destination. […]

Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin)
15 Mar 2017 Howth #02

Ireland's Eye - Inis Mac Neasáin

Ireland’s Eye, known in Irish as Inis Mac Neasáin, is a small island off the coast of County Dublin, near Howth. The Emerald Isle is the poetic nickname of Ireland, because of the beautiful countryside where green is the dominant colour. I spent only a few days in Dublin and didn’t see much of the Irish countryside. I suppose it is the main island, known simply as Ireland, that is called the Emerald Isle. […]

Ålesund, Norway - Spectacular Sunset Colors and Cloud Formations over Valderhaugfjorden
14 Feb 2017 Ålesund #03

Spectacular Sunset Colors over Valderhaugfjorden, Ålesund, Norway

The Norwegian town Ålesund is an extremely beautiful place, but it is not famous for good weather. As a matter of fact, most days there are rainy or cloudy. Unlike in some other parts of the world, there is no dry season and no wet season. Or perhaps the whole year is a “wet season”. Nevertheless, sunny days do happen in Ålesund and if you follow the weather forecast and book the flight for the right day, you have a chance to see there spectacular sunsets. […]

Bled Island with the Church of the Assumption of Mary, Slovenia
30 Jan 2017 Bled #03

Bled Island with the Church of the Assumption of Mary, Slovenia

Slovenia is not a big country. As a matter of fact, it is a relatively small country and by area it’s 150th country in the world. It may be small, but it is very picturesque nevertheless. […]