Typical Valletta Houses, Malta
17 Mar 2017 Malta #04

Wideangle View of Typical Valletta Houses with Balconies

Personally, I find these wooden Maltese balconies really cool. Truly Maltese style. They are ubiquitous in Valletta and many other places in Malta. Since they are closed, I wasn’t even sure at first, if ‘balconies’ was the correct word. But they are indeed balconies. They are not verandas, because verandas must be open. […]

Ålesund, Norway - Moonrise over Mountains near Borgundfjorden
01 Mar 2017 Ålesund #04

Moonrise over Mountains near Borgundfjorden, as Seen from Mt. Aksla in Norway

I was standing on Mt. Aksla in Ålesund, photographing a spectacular sunset over the town and the Norwegian Sea. And then, at one moment, I decided to look around and when turned to the southeast, I saw this beautiful moonrise above the mountains near Borgundfjorden. […]

Beautiful sunset sky over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, as seen from Victoria Peak.
06 Feb 2017 Hong Kong #05

Beautiful sunset sky over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Let’s start the week with something beautiful. How about a sunset view? Some people don’t like sunsets, but I do. What’s not to like about sunsets?

Upward view of two skyscrapers in New York City. One skyscraper casts a shadow on the other one.
23 Jan 2017 New York City #07

Upward Perspective of Two Skyscrapers in Midtown Manhattan

This is another image from my stroll around Midtown Manhattan during my trip to New York last year. Architectural photography is about translating three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional shapes. […]

Sunset over Seoul Skyscrapers, South Korea.  View from Central Seoul towards Yeouido.
06 Jan 2017 Seoul #02

Sunset over Seoul, South Korea

There are many mountain peaks within the city limits of Seoul. This photo was taken from Namsan, which is very easily accessible. You can take one the hiking trails, but you can also use the cable car. You can get to the top also by bus or taxi. […]