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Victoria Peak, called in Chinese 太平山, is a mountain in Hong Kong. The locals call it simply “the Peak”. With its 552 m (or 1,811 ft), Victoria Peak is not the highest mountain in Hong Kong, because this title goes to Tai Mo Shan: 957 m (3,140 ft). However, Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and there is one thing that makes it special and famous: the view. How can you describe that kind of view? Spectacular, stunning, amazing, magnificent… The list of adjectives could go on and on. The best you can do is to visit it and experience it for yourself. It is an excellent vantage point for photography (if the visibility allows for it).

There are several ways to get there. Of course, you can climb it, but if you decide to do it during the hot and humid Hong Kong summer with photo equipment on your back, prepare to sweat a lot. You can get there also by car, bus or taxi. There is also the famous Peak Tram, which is a fun experience in itself. It is a funicular railway, which starts at Garden Road near the Admiralty MTR Station and goes all the way up to the visitor centre on Victoria Peak. The number of seats on the Peak Tram is very limited, so you will have to stand in a very long line before you can buy a ticket and board it.

Below are some of my photos that were either taken from Victoria Peak or show it:

Panorama of Hong Kong in Warm, Late Afternoon Light
27 May 2017 Hong Kong #08

View from Victoria Peak in Warm, Late-Afternoon Light

It’s been a while since the last post. To get back on track, let’s show another photo from one of the greatest vantage points for photographers in the whole world – Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. […]

View from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
22 Mar 2017 Hong Kong #07

The Most Vertical City in the World

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, Hong Kong is often called “the most vertical city in the world”. This amazing Chinese city owes its nickname to the extremely high concentration of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The tallest skyscraper in this picture is Two International Finance Centre. It was completed in 2003, and with its 415 m (or 1,362 ft), it is currently the second tallest building in Hong Kong. […]

Highrise Apartment Buildings in Kowloon, Hong Kong and the Neighbouring Mountains as Seen from Victoria Peak
13 Feb 2017 Hong Kong #06

Highrise Apartment Buildings in Kowloon, Hong Kong

I like telephoto lenses very much because they make it possible to achieve completely new perspectives. You see things which you wouldn’t see without them. However, when you are a travel photographer, carrying telephoto lenses can be a bit of a challenge though because the good ones tend to be heavy and the light ones often don’t deliver good image quality. You might think “this lens weighs only 1 or 2 kilograms, it’s not so heavy” but this adds to the total weight of your equipment. […]

Beautiful sunset sky over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, as seen from Victoria Peak.
06 Feb 2017 Hong Kong #05

Beautiful sunset sky over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Let’s start the week with something beautiful. How about a sunset view? Some people don’t like sunsets, but I do. What’s not to like about sunsets?