Switch to HTTPS (SSL) easily

Switching to SSL Is Worth It and It Doesn't Have to Be Hard

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption protocol used in communication over computer networks. As a matter of fact, the SSL specification has been superseded by TLS (Transport Layer Security). However, the SSL acronym is still widely used to refer to both protocols. You can immediately tell which websites use secure connections. If the connection is secure, in the address bar of your browser you will see “https” instead of “http” and depending on the browser a green padlock icon may appear. […]

Essential Things for WordPress Sites

Advice for WordPress Newbies

In the previous article in this cycle, I described the installation process of the most popular content management system: WordPress. If you have installed WordPress recently and are a new user, I have some tips for you about the essential things that your site should have. […]

Installing WordPress

Building Your Own Website Is Not Rocket Science

So, you’re contemplating having your own website. Your photographs are pretty good and you feel they deserve more than just displaying them on photo-sharing sites and Facebook. You think it would be great to show your masterpieces to the world in an elegant manner and have full control over the presentation. You have seen very beautiful websites belonging to other photographers and feel somewhat jealous. However, you have never built a website using a content management system and you are a little afraid that it might be too difficult to do it on your own. […]

Displaying Photographic Portfolios on the Internet

Let the World See Your Masterpieces. An Overview of Options.

So, photography is your new hobby or profession or perhaps you already picked it up a long time ago. Now you would like to show your masterpieces to the whole world and you’re wondering what options you have. […]

Afterglow Sky

Finding a good domain that is free is not an easy task at all

I have wanted to create this kind of blog for a long time but I could never think of any suitable name for it. Finding a good name doesn’t matter if the respective .com domain is no longer available. You can forget about registering a single-word .com domain. Anything that might useful in any conceivable way is already registered. Therefore you basically have a choice between a quirky, eccentric name not meaning anything or phrases with multiple words.